Bot-like sincerity - is a thing

So many people are freaked out about Bots stealing their jobs and the evil side of Bots. You can always "Cry Wolf" and look at the negative side of things - or you can be more positive.

We here at love our Bots and love the idea of empowering all of YOU to create your OWN Personal Bots.

But our Bots won't be like those "other" Bots.

Trust me.

No "Robbie the Robot" for us!

We see Bots as a form of content distribution.  Instigate.a Personal Bots are part Tamagochi, part Personal Bot. Sort of like a hybrid YouTube channel/Personal Bot interactive conversation.

Today's first generation of ChatBots are pretty hokey - that's for sure. We aren't going to do ANY of that "intent goal-oriented" kind of ChatBot functionality.

Don't get us wrong.  Everybody and anybody is entitled to do commerce, advice, booking tables and flights, finding out about the weather, bras, makeup, shoes, dating, playing games, the whole she-bang.  God Bless America and God Bless the entrepreneurs out there - doing their thang.  That's just not us.

We zag while others zig.

And Gob Bless everybody else - as well.  I was just getting that America thing in there - cause you know - Trump's watching for my loyalty and all that.....

We're strictly an entertainment product - enabling a new generation of creators - to express themselves - as Personal Bots.

Check out the original article - which first appeared on Medium - here.

Marc Canter