Starting the fund raising process now has a working prototype and a team has formed.

Now is the time that we approach various kinds of early stage and (what's called) "Angel Investors" to procure the resources required to build out

It is a long and challenging process to create a new startup company.

A viable and robust platform must first be identified, the underlying building blocks ascertained and an incredible team must be recruited.

Then there are the myriad of logistical and creative tasks ahead - ranging from designing and prototyping, to legal and operational matters.

Finally an on-line presence must be established - including a Facebook Page, Twitter account, website and.....

Since "your AI is only as good as it's Data" - we will need a LOT of money and time - to complete the process of creating

We've reached a time when AI Natives are the target customers - regardless of their age or demographic.  Being comfortable with AI, thinking of forging and crafting AI "Bots" - and utilizing AI as a tool - is what an AI Native - is all about.

Wish us luck.

MyBots shows all of the Bots a user has under their control

MyBots shows all of the Bots a user has under their control

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