Story telling is changing

You still need to start off with a script.

But even that script is changing. When I record a video selfie am I not just telling a story who’s script is my video diary? Me telling you about my day?

I did a test — comparing the two ways that Facebook allows you to create a “story.” I compared telling the same story with Facebook and with Messenger.

I’ve realized that story telling tools need to go beyond commenting and engage with Content interactively — where the Content viewer/reader can add their own “two cents” and machine learning and intelligence can play a part in the story.

Its the birth of AI story telling. Or AI Blogging. Or stories that have AI. Or maybe its “Telling a story with AI.” Where the AI can absorb story viewers into its cortext. Where the intelligence and collected interaction with the readers becomes part of the conversation/story?

Oh shit — my head hurts.


Some conversations are about one story. One set of characters, one Topic or Theme. But some go beyond this simple approach and create a layered effect of time, topic and message.

Imagine if we could use software technology and machine learning to keep track of the persistent elements of a Story — such as Mythology or backstory timeline?

Imagine if our conversations had Memories — which would store decisions, answers, paths, statements, vote tallies or recorded events?

Imagine if interactive conversations could tap into this memory — revealing first girlfriends, milestone life events or previous places you’ve been — as part of the story?

Or maybe my story is interrupted with a reminder of just “WHO this Bot is — and what hardships and swords she fell on — to make the world a better place?”

Imagine if viewers/readers of the conversation could understand the context and state of a ‘smart conversation’ — and view the current Topic being discussed, it’s local and global Memory or current Vocabulary of what our AI will understand?


Will anyone care that all this is possible?

Not if its too hard to create!

Perhaps I should step back a bit. The conversations I’m talking about are inside a Mesaging UI. The story telling that’s unveiling itself to the reader is coming from a Bot — that’s utilizes video, music or animation — just as easily as a kid navigates and controls a smartphone today.

And the authoring interface — the way that the human creates the story — is done via media.

Media is natural and intrinsic to the Bot. It understands media really well. It treats the data digitized by a camera or microphone just as it treats your location, tramsactions or text input. You can do a LOT with media input — and that’s really easy for humans to do.

Humans talk, convince, jump around, rant, rap, explain, walk, animate, laugh, sing, act out, act like a monkey — or practically anything. Anything that can be done in front of a camera with a microphone is what media is……

Bots can tell stories with media by mixing and matching text to a video to some music back to text and then show another video. Its a Bot born of the Remix Culture.


Stories don’t always have to be linear, simple or be limited to just commenting as a way for others to interact.

Stories can be told by Bots — which interact with each reader/viewer — differently.

‘Cause after all — not all humans are the same — why should Bots be?

BTW these Bots can also be multi-lingual — but that’s for another fantasy.

Nw imagine if this Bot was your Personal Bot.

Marc CanterComment