A new year, gradually moving forward

The world of AI and especially ChatBots saw a lot of maturation and stabilizing in 2017. 

No longer were "weekend" ChatBots tolerated.  Now a ChatBot has to actually work and do something.  VhatBot companies have already come, got funded and gone or pivoted.

Instigate.ai is still going, focused on taking baby steps - gradually achieving our long term goals - over the next 2-3 years.  First up - taking our "Ah-Hah" moment experience and applying it to a marketing promotion.

Can't announce details yet - but we're close.  We've produced a video (with help from the students at Cogswell College) and signe dup some sales reps!

Next up - is riding on the coattails of the exploding "stories" battlefield that's erupted between Snap and Instagram/Facebook.

Finally were negotiating a deal with an awesome...................... oooooops can't talk about that - yet.

Happy New Year everyone - 2018 is gonna rock!

Marc Canter