Hybrid AI solutions

Apple’s new iPhone announcements (and reaction to it from Om Malik) have convinced me that us 3rd party developers need to be thinking about hybrid AI solutions.

We’re not going to get everything we need from one walled garden behemoth.

Apple provides us state-of-the-art media smartphones with ML at the edge and a brand quality of the first $Trillion$ company. Google defines what an AI Cloud platform should be; with industry defining infrastructure, smarts, research, pragmatic development platforms, reuseable libraries and an inclusive approach to 3rd party plug-ins and participation.

Apple blows it in participation and Siri sucks. Google can’t convince all those Android developers to build the right thing, and they’ll always be infighting and differentiation which will make Android devices inferior to iOS.

Meanwhile Samsung will build Bixby into consumer devices, Alexa is coupled to Amazon (the second $Trillion$ company) and there’s this company who USED to be the 800lb gorilla around here, who ain’t going away — either (credit that to Satya Nadella’s brilliant leadership and the folks at MSFT who kept going, even as Ballmer was blowing it.)

One could imagine hybrid solutions that feed off of Facebook (Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp) social flow, Twitter news events, Twitch viewing, Amazon/Alexa shopping and Microsoft/Sony Gaming events — driven by iOS local and Google Cloud machine learning.

One could imagine pre-licensed cloud-based music, photos, movies and just about any other kind of media — that developers could offer to end-users — so that THEY (the creative ones) could create incredible media rich stories — all by themselves. That’s the world of multimedia we imagined — back in the 80’s and early 90’s (pre-web.)

Lets just hope everyone doesn’t want their own 30%.

Back in the 80’s we had the audacity to think that a media player could run not just on the platform where we authored our multimedia, but also on the platform which had all the customers. Getting Director to “author-once” and “playback in many places” is what made the multimedia industry happen.

That led to the same notion being baked into the WWW and HTML.

The same has to happen for AI and a future world of intelligent apps, services and games. It may not be a completely decentralized future (as each behemoth will extract their own taxes and penalties) but I DO see a future which looks like this:

This is what the world should look like — so that 3rd party developers could develop hybrid solutions — as they wish.

This is what the world should look like — so that 3rd party developers could develop hybrid solutions — as they wish.

Marc Canter