How can humans control AI?

You start with the data — the most cherished and valuable piece of the equation. Without large datasets of content, AI doesn’t work.

So to answer the question “how can we control AI” we start with “who creates the data?” Well we do — of course. Us humans.

As long as we’re the folks creating the data, everything will be fine. How many people realized that when they joined Facebook — they’d be signing up to become data machines?

How many people realized that Facebook is all about harvesting the data that we create, monetizing that data and profiting from it? That’s the lesson to learn.

As long as us humans are creating the data and conciously control what we wanna say and how we say it — we’ll be fine.

How many people remember what it was like before blogging?

Most of you have been raised on the notion of a blank screen and a “save” or “publish” button. By simply typing, uploading a photo or video and hitting “save” — boom. You’ve been published.

Nowadays media has been cleanly integrated into the equation. Hit the record button, talk or point your smartphone/camera at something, or someone and then hit “save.” Boom — you’re a media artist.

For oldies like me — it’s kind of unfair. Do you realize what it took — BEFORE — to create media or publish words? You kids today have it easy.

So what’s next?

Ever try to program a ChatBot? Its hard work. Yah gotta sit there — for HOURS — defining “intents” and “questions” and providing answers. Its takes forever!

At the beginning of the ChatBot revolution (circa 2016) folks used to brag “I created my ChatBot over the weekend!” As if that was a good thing….

Most of those first-gen ChatBots didn’t make it past the turn of the year. There are no shortcuts when it comes to creating ChatBots or AI. Its hard work and lord help you if you’re not a mathematician or data scientist! Your bot is gonna be boring, act just like all the rest and never go anywhere.

So what’s the answer?

First off — lets be clear. The more you put into your AI, the more you get out. That’s why 10’s of $Billions$ are being poured into AI — as we speak. Its a mega-war of resources, intelligence and ingenuity racing to some “outcome” none of us are quite sure of.

One thing I can tell yah for sure — we ain’t doing eCommercehealth advicebooking travel reservations, reciting the weatherdatingassembling makeup gift boxes or playing games. We’re also not offering you to vote on a modern day version of “what’s hot or not.” There’s plenty of great ChatBots out there doing that — but we’re zagging while others are zigging.

We’re also not doing ChatBots as a kind-of conversational Quora. That’s what Molly is doing. There are all sorts of “emotional”personalTamagotchi-likefunbuild-your-own Bots out there — and that certainly is not what we’re doing either.

There’s even mature, been-around-awhile ChatBots. She keeps winning all the awards.

There are also all sorts of virtual assistant Bots — starting with Apple’s Knowledge Navigator all the way to Amy — who actually seems to work — within a tightly focused area. Eliza was the first therapist Bot and there’s plenty of thenowadays.

So what the hell is Instigate? What have we been working on for almost three years now? All you’ll find at our website is a teaser set of promises, which I stopped updating a while ago. I hate to talk Vaporware.

I’m much more of a product kind of guy. Let your product do the talking.

So here’s the last of my talking:

The premise of Instigate is simple:

  • blogging, YouTube, Snap/Insta allow users to leave comments — but that’s it. Isn’t there a better way for the audience to participate then leaving a comment?

  • AI is really really hard and the hype of evil Bots, SkyNet, etc. has branded AI as something normal must fall “prey to” — not control

  • Stories (you and I would call them “media slide shows) are a predominant trend today

  • so let’s make it REAL easy to convert Stories into sentient Storytelling Beings — which can interact, answer questions, respond, Joke and gossip — with your friends!

  • authors (we call them “Instigators”) train their Beings by simply recording video selfies

  • So HELL YES you can use ALL your videos, images, music, archives — and “breath life” into them!

And that life is your data. You are in control. Not some company, not somebody who thinks a Bot personality is humor or acting witty.

Instigate Beings do what you tell them to do. They act as your proxy and they tell your stories with your videos, images and music.

You record a video selfie and we help you turn that into your Being’s intelligence. Then you share it with a friend.

Ideally — Celebs and Brands will do the same and invest in their Beings.

So us humans control what the AI is, not some evil company. That’s why we call them Beings, not Bots.

If you wanna stop SkyNet or prevent AI from taking over — us humans need to be controlling the AI, not the other way around.

Marc Canter