Those who've helped

It all started when...

Like most typical startups has been founded on the sweat and hard labor of many.

This page gives credit to those who helped - early on.


Richard Tong

Richard Tong

Richard Tong is the programmer who created Instigate's first prototype mockup demo.  he took the work that Fred Fortier (see below) first created - and ran with it.  Richward worked closely with Marc - developing the initial Conversation Manager and interacive storytelling experience.

Sam Kleeman

Sam Kleeman


Sam Kleeman helped out Instigate in the early days - and we thank him for that.


Grig Bilham was the very first coder - ever - to work on Instigate.  Grig learned Facebook Messenger and built an initial mockup.

For that - we'll love him forever.

Grig lives out in Forest Grove and has a studio on Cesar Chavez in SF.


Dave Hoffman helped us get our minds wrapped around the concept of a Personal Bot that should be shared.

Sharing is the foundation of our world - and gosh darn it - Instigate Personal Bots - shall be shared!

Dave helped us figure that out and for that - we'll love him forever.



Dave lives down in Santa Cruz.


Fred Fortier was introduced to us by my friend Arsene Lavaux. 



Fred built the entire first version of Instigate - all by himself - and for that - we'll love him forever.

Fred seems to be very busy - with plenty of other things to do - than help us!

Fred is based in Toronto and Florida.


jim andrews.jpg

Jim Andrews is a writer who helped us create the initial set of Topic based dialog for Instigate. 



He's great - we love him.

Jim is one of our secret weapons up in Vancouver, B.C.